The Pandemic & Long Term Care Planning

There are normal risks people encounter everyday from going about life as usual— such as the possibility of getting injured from car accidents or sports. A sudden need for long term care is no different. It is, unfortunately, just a fact of life that we may one day need this type of care for ourselves or those we love. 

Fast forward to the most unusual of situations— a worldwide pandemic. It is in fact so unusual that very few people alive have ever encountered it in their lifetime, save for those who lived through the Spanish Influenza back in 1918. While we are all adjusting to this “new normal” and doing our part to stop the spread, some everyday risks unfortunately do not change, regardless of the times. Think of accidents at home, unexpected illnesses such as cancer and strokes, etc. These types of situations may result in needing long term care, no matter what is going on internationally, so it is important to still plan for these common situations.

Here at Baygroup Insurance we understand the new normal is undeniably challenging in so many different ways though. On top of usual, everyday risks there is now the addition of everything that has changed with the emergence of Covid-19— added health worries, emotional strain, and financial disruption. Here are some thoughts which I’m hoping may help you and your family. Of course, since the situation is continually changing, advice from your medical professionals and other credible sources such as the CDC and WHO should always supersede the list compiled below:

  1.   If you currently pay your long term care insurance premium by mailing a check, you may benefit from setting up an automatic payment plan through your bank. This could minimize the chance that a payment may be missed, especially if you are distracted during this difficult time.  
  2.   Double check that your policy’s nonpayment notification information is set up and accurate. This is the provision on most policies that, if your premium is unpaid and your policy’s in danger of lapsing, triggers a written notice to the person(s) you’ve designated.
  3.   Keep your immune system strong by:
    1. Exercise, especially by taking once-daily solitary walks/runs outside.
    2. Limiting overexposure to news. Of course you should keep tabs on the latest from health and government officials, but 24/7 news consumption may trigger increased anxiety and stress, both of which lower our immune systems. Having some anxiety and stress are normal during this unprecedented global situation, but doing what you can do to minimize them is a step in the right direction.
    3. The good, old-fashioned, phone call may be the best way to meaningfully connect with people you can’t visit in person. Video conferencing and social media are great options as well. You may be physically isolated, but it’s important to still connect with those you love.

While the world has changed incredibly quickly, the good news is that pandemics do not last forever. This too shall pass one day. In the meantime, we are here for you, as is your long term care insurance policy, for the long term! Whether for everyday risks or extraordinary global situations.

Baygroup Insurance is working virtually and easily reachable through email and phone call. Should you or anyone you know have questions about long term care planning and long term care insurance policies at this time, please do not hesitate to reach out. Baygroup Insurance can be reached at or call us at 410-557-7907 for more information.