Andri Purkanto
BrightStar Care

Andri Purkanto is the owner of BrightStar Care of Baltimore County and Baltimore City. Prior to BrightStar Care, Andri worked for multinational companies in global leadership roles. He developed a depth of knowledge and experience in management, operations, technology and execution. He worked effectively with all levels in organization from floor level to executive suite.

Andri’s lifelong pursuit is to find an opportunity to indulge his intellectual passion of life, enjoy doing it, and at the same time contribute something beyond himself to an organization in ways that help employees, customers, societies, and mankind. Purchasing BrightStar Care of Baltimore allows him to achieve this dream.

He earned his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Colorado State University and his MBA from Pennsylvania State University.

Andri may be reached at 443.275.2796 or