Michelle Fritsch, Pharm.D., BCGP
Retirement Wellness Strategies, LLC

Michelle Fritsch

Retirement Wellness Strategies, LLC

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Dr. Michelle Fritsch is a clinical pharmacist with a passion for healthy aging and education. She is the founder of Retirement Wellness Strategies, LLC, a company dedicated to reducing risks posed by medications, healthcare gaps, and preventable negative health events in people over age 60. She is also cares for people transitioning to retirement to live a long life of purpose and fulfillment.
Since medications are involved in health decline over 80% of the time, Retirement Wellness Strategies, LLC was created to prevent or resolve those medication issues.  It is dedicated to thorough medication management, risk screening, and collaborative solutions with the full healthcare team. As a clinician, Michelle helps clients prepare for healthcare visits, ask the right questions, get thorough answers, and close the gaps in communication among providers.

Michelle Fritsch, PharmD, BCGP
Retirement Wellness Strategies
Author: ‘Preventive Maintenance for a High Mileage Life’
Certified Purpose Mentor