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Melissa Barnickel interviewed by I95 Business Baltimore

Read more to learn about Melissa’s personal and professional background and how she helps clients and their Trusted Advisors to preserve their hard-earned assets by incorporating insurance with their financial plan. As an independent broker, Barnickel compares carriers, doing the necessary “legwork” to shop for the best rates for clients. She is licensed in 12 states, including Maryland, Florida, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, as well as Washington, D.C., and adds additional state licenses as needed for clients all over the country. She works directly with other brokers, financial planners, CPAs, attorneys and other trusted advisors to meet the needs of […]

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Approach Your Medical Visits Differently in 2016 – Win-Win for all

How do you prepare for a doctor visit? Have you ever experienced, or can you picture, the following scenario? You have a health-related issue and want to see your doctor. You call to make the appointment. You wait and monitor the issue until the day of the appointment. You think about the appointment as you get ready and drive to the office. You think about the visit while in the waiting room. You briefly tell the assistant about the issue while you are being checked in with your weight, blood pressure, etc. You think more about the issue while waiting […]

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The Do’s & Don’ts of Downsizing Your Home

The kids are grown and out of the house and maybe even having kids of their own now. The home you’ve had for a couple decades has served you well, but suddenly it’s a bit big for what you need. When you’re still working and healthy, it might be the right time to consider downsizing to a smaller home and a simpler life. By 2030, the population over 65 will increase by 80 percent as baby boomers age, the oldest of which turn 70 this year, according to the National Association for Senior Move Managers. Many boomers are proactively decluttering […]

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