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The Six Hidden Costs to Caring for an Aging Parent

Adult children across the country belong to the sandwich generation. Like salami and the cheese, they feel squished between the responsibilities of their careers, elder care and raising their kids. Often, family caregivers sacrifice their own well-being and financial security to help their parents grow old gracefully. Click here to read more:  

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Is it OK to Lie to Your Aging Parents?

Ninety percent of Aging Life Care™ experts use or recommend the use of “fiblets” by adult children of aging parents with dementia as a way to ease anxiety and protect self-esteem, finds a survey by the Aging Life Care Association™. When an aging parent with Alzheimer’s is refusing needed care and when they can no longer drive safely alone are the two most frequently cited situations when “fiblets” can be therapeutic according to the Aging Life Care Professionals surveyed. Click here to read more:  

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More Long-distance Caregivers Seeking Professionals to Manage Care of Aging Parents

A recent survey by the Aging Life Care Association reveals that more long-distance caregivers are turning to professionals to help manage the care of aging adults. Holiday visits were cited as a common time that caregivers discover troubling changes in health, behavior, or physical appearance of their family member. Most long-distance caregivers hire us when the situation has escalated or becomes a problem that they can’t solve alone TUCSON, AZ (PRWEB) DECEMBER 04, 2016 Long-distance caregivers — those who live a significant distance from a person who needs care — are turning to professional help for managing the care of their […]

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