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Medicare Open Enrollment – comparing your options

Medicare Open Enrollment for your 2017 plan is from October 15 to December 7, 2016.   Before you make a selection, here are some resources to help you compare your options. Medicare provides a tool where you can compare options before you make a decision. You can find it at this link. The information you need is: Your Medicare number If you have a Medigap or Medicare supplement plan, the name and type of the plan Your zip code A list of your medicines prescribed by each of your doctors The name and location of your preferred pharmacy You can search through […]

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Medicare Open Enrollment – Which plan type for you?

I find Medicare and Medicare Open Enrollment to be very confusing. Do you? Let’s spend the next two weeks trying to better understand your options and guide you through the Open Enrollment process. I highly encourage you to delay your final decisions until we walk through this process and you compare your options. The first big decision is which TYPE of insurance coverage is best for you. Main TYPES of insurance coverage options over age 65 Original Medicare – When you turn 65 and meet eligibility criteria (use this link), you can have Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B, and Medicare Part D. Medicare […]

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Financial Planning Classes

You can never be too knowledgable or prepared when it comes to your finances. Baygroup Insurance will be teaching a series of continuing education classes on Financial Planning this fall at Harford Community College in Bel Air, MD to help answer any questions you might have. Check out the schedule today to see if any classes are right for you:

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Emergencies and Medications – Are You Prepared?

Hurricane Matthew has wreaked havoc on the Caribbean and now part of the southeastern US. Millions of people evacuated while millions more ‘weathered out’ the storm in shelters and secure buildings. In all of those scenarios, daily life was drastically altered. When you take chronic medications, they are a part of your daily routine. When that routine is upset, medications can be missed. Or, in the excitement, they can be taken more than once. In emergencies, you might forget to grab them as you evacuate. Or, the emergency can take place right as you are taking your last dose. Then […]

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