Monthly Archives: September 2016

Preventing Falls – New Tools and Resources

Posted by Michelle Fritsch, Pharm.D., CGP, BCACP with Meds MASH, LLC Now that it is fall, let’s talk about falls. September 22 (or the first official day of fall each year) is national Falls Prevention Awareness Day. This year we have some new resources to learn about and to celebrate. Every year very unintended falls, those slips that come out of nowhere, lead to deaths, fractures, hospitalizations, and need for assistive devices. In addition, fear of another fall leads to changes in day-to-day activities. One ‘little oops’ can take someone from doing all they want to do to needing assistance and […]

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Protect Yourself: The Benefits of Individual Disability Insurance

What if you cannot continue to work in the field you are in now due to an illness or accident? Would this impact you and your family? Studies show that 1 out of 4 twenty-year-olds today will become disabled before they retire. With this unfortunate reality, protecting your ability to make an income is crucial. Individual disability insurance is a way to protect your income from unforeseen illnesses and accidents that lead to disability. It pays out benefits in the form of a paycheck during the time period when you cannot work. It can be used on top of other […]

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